Woodbury Grey granite is a sublime fusion of function and finesse, making it highly prized for commercial applications. Renowned for its consistent light grey tone interspersed with subtle, darker black, gray and black flecks, it lends a modern and polished aesthetic to commercial and residential spaces. Where understated elegance and durability are desired, Woodbury Grey granite emerges as an impeccable choice.

Available in all finishes: Honed, Polished, Thermal, HydroJet, Leathered, Split Face, Rock Face

Made in the USA

Product Details

Test Name Test Method Result
Density (lb/cu.ft.) ASTM C-97 +/- 165
Water Absorption (%) ASTM C-97 0.252
Modulus of Rupture (psi) ASTM C-99 1,617
Compressive Strength (psi) ASTM C-170 17,007
Flexural Strength (psi) ASTM C-880 1,374

*Average Values

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