At Blackhill Granites, we understand the profound significance of cultural projects. Memorials, monuments, and historic edifices are not mere structures, but living testimonies of legacies, memories, and eras gone by. Granite is the ideal medium to bring these timeless tales to life. Each monumental project is a unique design, reflecting the cultural significance of the structure. The range of granite colors and finishes provided by our company allows to create a distinctive and memorable project.


The blend of practicality and aesthetics makes granite a natural choice for use in the exterior of buildings. Blackhill Granites provides turn-key dimension stone fabrication solutions and delivers products of high quality. We transform architectural vision into reality and specialize in custom fabrication of all building exterior elements.

Stone Selection

Working with architects and design professionals, we rely on our established supply chain to bring a multitude of options for distinct design opportunities.

From Plans to Shop Drawings

We interpret architectural plans to translate architectural intent into finished products. Our team prepares high quality shop drawings and supports the building professionals through the revisions and coordination process, all the way though the start of fabrication.

Your Vision in Stone

We make architectural designs come to life. Our fabrication technology features quality control at multiple checkpoints to ensure consistency and reliability at every step of the process.

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