Small grain and flowing, wavy movement make this light gray granite a unique choice for both architectural and landscape applications. Silver Cloud is an attractive and distinctive stone, hence contributing a special touch to any design and building project. This Silver Cloud granite is perfect for use in building cladding, accents, and paving applications. Quarried and fabricated in the U.S., it is a natural choice for small and large projects alike. It is available in different finishes and is a suitable choice for projects requiring LEED.

Available in all finishes: Honed, Polished, Thermal, HydroJet, Leathered, Split Face, Rock Face

Made in the USA

Product Details

Test Name Test Method Result
Density (lb/cu,ft.) ASTM C-97 164.40
Water Absorption (%) ASTM C-97 0.21
Modulus of Rupture (psi) ASTM C-99 1,798
Compressive Strength (psi) (Dry) ASTM C-170 29,800
Compressive Strength (psi) (Wet) ASTM C-170 24,100
Flexural Strength (psi) ASTM C-880 3,539
Abrasive Resistance (Ha) – Sawn ASTM C-241 4.56
Slip Resistance – Thermal (Wet) – DCOF ANSI A137.1/A326.3 0.76
Slip Resistance – Thermal (Wet) – Pendulum Test AS HB198:2014 63
Slip Resistance – Thermal (Dry) – Pendulum Test AS HB198:2014 70
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) – Solar Reflectance ASTM E-1980/ ASTM C-1371 0.38
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) – Thermal Emissivity ASTM E-1980/ ASTM C-1371 0.84

*Average Values

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