Using granite in Architectural, Landscaping, and Cultural Projects

Granite is an excellent choice for architectural applications and in hardscapes due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, versatility, low maintenance requirements, and sustainability. Its use in building elements such as cladding, decorative features, paving, steps, coping, public art, and monuments allows architects to create visually striking and enduring designs. We are dedicated to fabricating dimension stone for many different applications with turn-key support and commitment to quality. Explore how you can enhance and diversify your next project.


Realize the full potential of your architectural and dimensional granite projects. Working with contractors, installers, architects, and construction professionals, we bring your natural stone design to life.


We provide support to architects and design professionals in the natural stone selection and specification process, offering expertise and a diverse selection of granites to choose from. Situated within easy access to major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, we help to fulfill regionally fabricated material and other LEED requirements for sustainable building projects.


Our skilled draftsmen interpret the architectural intent and create detailed stone shop drawings that account for fabrication capabilities and installation needs. By providing accurate and comprehensive shop drawings, we help maintain an efficient workflow that ensures timely delivery of your cut-to-size granite projects.


Our well-honed fabrication process involves careful selection, ensuring the perfect aesthetic match for each specific setting, followed by precision cutting with advanced tools and immaculate surface finishing using various techniques - such as polishing, honing, and flamed treatments.

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