Our stones have been carefully chosen for architectural and landscaping applications, with appropriate physical characteristics and appealing aesthetics in mind. Our team will support you with granite color selection and specification, provide marketing samples, and test data. Helping you implement your vision is our priority.


Using natural stone elevates your building project with a timeless and elegant aesthetic and increases the value of the building. A variety of colors and finishes can be combined with each other and with other building materials to achieve a range of cohesive, sophisticated appearances for both interior and exterior spaces and hardscapes.


Granite is a natural material that endures for generations and lends a timeless aesthetic to any building project.


I am an architect designing a project with natural stone. Can I get a sample?

Yes! Our representatives will be happy to discuss your needs with you, assist you with stone selection and obtaining a sample. Use the form below to reach us.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed by gradual cooling of molten or semi-molten material under pressure in the Earth’s upper mantle or crust. It is a visibly granural, crystalline rock composed of predominantly alkalic feldspars and quartz, in the presence of accessory minerals (mainly micas). When used commercially, the term granite also includes gneiss, gneissic granite, granite gneiss.

What is ‘dimension stone’?

Stone that has been cut, machined, and / or finished to specific size or shape, as opposed to crushed stone or aggregate. It can be used as flooring, exterior cladding, solid surfaces and walls, landscaping and hardscaping, paving, and many other applications.

Where do your granites come from?

We offer the highest quality granite and natural stone. Proudly sourced from North American and international quarries, is block and slab is carefully inspected before fabrication. A multi-step quality control process ensures quality and consistency.

Are you a regional material supplier?

We are committed to responsible sourcing and, where possible, eliminating or optimizing the long-haul transportation of raw materials to our factory to reduce carbon footprint and pass any resulting cost benefits to our customer. Our strategic location near Washington, D.C. puts us in proximity to many excellent North American quarries, making Blackhill Granites a natural choice for building projects requiring use of regionally extracted or fabricated materials.

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