Various finishes enhance the appearance and functionality of architectural and building projects and offer unique design opportunities. A combination of finishes can be used to create contrasting elements within a space, adding visual interest and texture. Our in-house finishing capabilities offer architects and designer the opportunity to explore creative options and create visually striking spaces that are both functional and durable.


A high-gloss, reflective finish that amplifies the stone’s natural color and depth.


A smooth surface that showcases the stone’s natural colors without the reflective sheen.


This finish is produced by the application of a high-temperature flame to the stone’s surface. Large surfaces may display shadow lines caused by overlapping of the torch.  Sometimes also called “flamed”, this finish is characterized by its rough, textured surface with excellent slip-resistance for walking surfaces


This finish has a smooth but textured appearance without a reflective sheen; it is not uniform and varies stone to stone. It enhances color and contrast in darker granites and can add depth and character to designs.


Relatively plain surface with textures range depending on the sawing method, displaying parallel scorings or circular saw marks.


A rough finish that exposes the stone’s natural grain and crystals is achieved by splitting the stone along natural cleavage plane. The stone is split to the specified dimension, edges are not true, and the faces may have depressions or projections or be approximately flat, without a specific tolerance.


The finish is created by applying a high-pressure water jet across the face of stone after thermal treatment. The resulting texture is similar to a thermal finish, magnifying the stone’s natural appearance and enhancing its color. It is especially recommended on darker granite colors.


Similar to Split Face except face of stone at edge is pitched to achieve true arris lines and produce bolder projections from the plane of the arris lines. Projection depth varies from stone to stone.

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