Blackhill Granites provides turnkey dimension stone solutions, including material selection, shop drawings, fabrication, and delivery. Clients’ design requirements are met through their established supply chain and modern fabrication technology. Granites are sourced from sustainable U.S. and international quarries, providing a multitude of selections responsive to customers’ needs.


Located in the heart of Virginia, in close proximity to Washington, D.C. and major metropolitan markets, Blackhill Granites leverages its strategic position to facilitate project delivery.

Forging trust is essential for building enduring relationships. We uphold the same prudent standards whenever business is conducted, and ensure each partner, investor, client, or employee feels taken seriously and well cared for.


We bring the timeless beauty of natural stone into every construction project. Our mission? To deliver high-quality products, with superb customer service, on time, and with care and respect for our employees. Our Values:

Deliver products of high quality and craftsmanship, on time

Build relationships with customers and suppliers based on reliability and trust

Understand the customer’s needs and deliver solutions

Respect and support our employees


At Blackhill Granites exactness is paramount in our fabrication process. We meet or exceed expectations at each step of the process, from accuracy in drafting to precision of the finished product.


Our work and commitment to quality has made us the go-to for installers and architects seeking outstanding granite projects. We pride ourselves on high rates of repeat business, and successful supply of stone to commercial, institutional, and residential projects of any size.


Our commitment to delivering on time and budget supports stone installers and owners in meeting their schedules. Blackhill Granites is trusted as a dependable source for top-quality architectural and landscape granite.


Blackhill Granites offers the highest quality granite and natural stone. Proudly sourced from North American and international quarries, each block and slab is carefully inspected before being crafted to our client's specifications. A multi-step quality control process guarantees quality and consistency.

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