Using Blackhill Granites as a one-stop solution for drafting and granite fabrication simplifies project delivery for natural stone installers. With our skilled project team committed to quality and precision, your natural stone projects will be beautifully brought to life with exceptional customer experience from start to finish.


Our experienced draftsmen will create shop drawings and cut tickets for your architectural and dimension granite projects, interpreting architectural intent and translating it into fabrication capabilities and installation needs. We carefully manage this important aspect of the project and work with installers and architects to ensure that the architect’s vision is accurately transformed into finished product.


Effective project delivery hinges on clear and timely communication and transparent processes. Accurate shop drawings and project coordination are central to commercial cut-to-size projects’ success. At Blackhill Granites, our team takes pride in providing clear communication and support throughout the project lifecycle.


We provide high quality shop drawings with efficient turnaround times and support your team throughout the revisions and coordination process. Accurate shop drawings help the construction teams stay on schedule and minimize delays.


Precision matters when it comes to drafting. Our skilled team interprets the architectural plans to create accurate shop drawings that act as a blueprint for granite fabrication and installation. Our project managers and draftsmen work as a team to deliver excellence at every step of the way.

Our work and commitment to quality has made us the go-to for installers and contractors seeking outstanding granite projects. We pride ourselves on repeat business and successful supply of stone to commercial, institutional, and residential projects of any size.

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We provide high-quality shop drawings with excellent turnaround times and support your team throughout the revisions and coordination process.

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