Granite Pavers

How To Use Granite Pavers in Urban Hardscape

July 17, 2023

Without a doubt, granite has become the indoor building material of choice among high-end custom homebuilders and upscale commercial property developers. However, most don’t realize is that it’s also the first material choice for landscapers and architects? It’s true that the same characteristics that make granite perfect for countertops become even more relevant for an outdoor application. […]


Granite is the Right Choice

July 15, 2023

Legendary Lifespan From the streets of Europe’s oldest cities to modern architectural wonders, granite has been an enduring material for generations. With minimal maintenance, this rock with “indefinite” lifespan is a testament to its durability. Excellent Durability and Versatility Granite is a natural material that is highly resistant to physical stress. Its unique combination of […]

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