This is a medium grained black granite with varying tones creating a stunning dark gray appearance. The uniformity of the granite makes it an excellent choice for facade panels, paving, flooring, and hardscaping elements such as stairs and treads, benches, seat walls, and focal features. With it’s understated and elegant nature, it lends sophistication to both modern and traditional exteriors, landscapes, and interiors.

Available in all finishes: Honed, Polished, Thermal, HydroJet, Leathered, Split Face, Rock Face

Made in the USA

Product Details

Test Name Test Method Result
Density (kg/m3) EN 1936 2947 - 2953
Open Porosity (%) EN 1936 14
Water Absorption (%) EN 13755 0.10%
Compressive Strength (Mpa) EN 1926 207
Flexural Strength (Mpa) EN 12372 or 13161 22.6
Abrasive Resistance (mm) EN 14157 19.3
Slip Resistance (units) EN 14231
[Polished] Wet 5
[Polished] Dry 60
[Thermal] Wet 74
Petrographic Examination EN 12407 Norite

*Average Values

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