We help the building industry fulfill their natural stone needs by providing turnkey architectural and dimension granite fabrication services. Our promise is to deliver superb customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to project timelines. We work with architects, design professionals, installers, and contractors, creating granite products that last a lifetime.




Drafting Services and Installer Support


Responsible Material Sourcing


Fabrication and Finishing


Post-Fabrication Support

Drafting Services and Installer Support

From submittals process through shop drawings, our goal is to fully support our customers. We provide high quality shop drawings with excellent turnaround times and support your team throughout the revisions and coordination. We carefully manage this important aspect of the project and work with the construction team to ensure that the architect’s vision is accurately translated.

Responsible Material Sourcing

We source materials from our established supply chain of dependable granite quarries both in the United States and abroad. Access to a diverse range of quality natural stones ensures predictable results. We operate responsibly, and where possible eliminate or optimize long-haul delivery of raw materials to our factory – passing the cost benefits to our customers.

Fabrication and Finishing

From whole block to finished product, we fabricate and finish dimension stone in our Rapidan, VA facility. We operate a range of multi-axis CNC bridge and wire saws, allowing us to fabricate a spectrum of cut-to-size commercial natural stone orders. Automated Italian finishing equipment is used to apply beautiful, high-quality finishes.

Post-Fabrication Support

We understand the needs and pressures of construction projects. Located in close proximity to Washington, D.C. and major metropolitan markets, we leverage our position to facilitate project delivery. We can store finished materials until needed, enabling just-in-time deliveries to construction sites, including those with space constraints. We arrange shipping from our yard to your construction site and are committed to getting your delivery timelines just right.

Our work and commitment to quality have made us the go-to for installers and architects seeking outstanding granite projects. We pride ourselves on high rates of repeat business and successful supply of stone to commercial, institutional, and residential projects of any size.



Our range of services simplifies project delivery for contractors and natural stone installers. Starting with shop drawings, through fabrication and delivery, we emphasize making every project and easy and seamless experience for our customers.


Our fabrication technology features quality control at multiple checkpoints to ensure consistency and reliability at every step of the process. Quality by design is our modus operandi.


We build relationships with customers and suppliers based on reliability and trust. We believe delivering high-quality products, with superb customer service, on time, and with emphasis on solutions.

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